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Dienstag, 11. September 2018, 09:46

Tim Thomas

Day 2 of the NFL draft is expected to be all about the
defensive side of the ball for the New England Patriots.

New England has multiple holes that still need to be addressed after it used
its two first-round picks on offense. The Patriots got a possible replacement
for left tackle Nick Solder by selecting offensive lineman Isaiah Wynn at No.
23. They then added some depth at running back by picking up another Bulldogs
product in Sony Michel.

The Patriots have three picks on Day
2 Star Lotulelei
, with two picks in the second round and one in the third. They are
likely to use at them to plug holes at linebacker, defensive end and

It's also possible they could use one of their second-round picks to get a
young quarterback to develop behind 40-year-old Tom Brady.

Word early this week was that Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones was going to
hold out of Falcons training camp because he wanted the team to address his

That fit with the way Jones handled the rest of the offseason as he skipped
voluntary workouts and mandatory
minicamp Alex Mack
, but any initial plans became a moot point once the team and Jones
reached agreement on a deal that will bump his pay more than $2 million this

Moot or not, Jones reported to camp and told reporters on Friday that those
reports about his plans weren’t accurate. Jones said he was working on his own
to get in the best shape possible and that he’d spoken to coach Dan Quinn and
teammates to tell them that he would be at camp.

“I was already gonna come here. They took care of it. We knew all
along we were gonna get it
handled Darian
Thompson Jersey
,” Jones said.

The revised deal Jones struck with the team this week comes with the
expectation that they will come back after the season to address a deal that
runs beyond the two years left on his current deal. Jones said he spoke to team
owner Arthur Blank about being a “Falcon for life,” so it seems all is well in
Atlanta between the team and its top
Bengals Elite Jerseys

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