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Dienstag, 11. September 2018, 09:28

team’s practice

David Johnson missed 15 games last season after injuring his wrist on his
17th touch in the season opener. It has not changed his value to the

The running back is worth more than the $1.88 million in base salary he is
scheduled to make this season. Mike Garafolo of NFL Media expects Johnson to
have a contract extension before the start of the
season Marcus
Williams Jersey
, with Johnson and his representation considering, “What’s
our number? What do we want to get?”

Both sides have incentive to do a deal with Johnson entering the final year
of his contract.

Johnson, 26, led the league with 2,118 yards from scrimmage and 20 total
touchdowns in 2016.

He missed practice time this week with an undisclosed injury that isn’t
Sixteen years into his NFL career and just four months before his
36th birthday, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs darts around the field
like a kid in a pickup game.

"I still love it," Suggs said Thursday at the conclusion of minicamp. "It's
still my playground. That's where I get to be myself."

Football has never been a chore for Suggs, the Ravens' sack leader with 125陆.
He works hard at his craft, but he perceives his rigorous offseason regimen over
the past two years to be a small sacrifice to maintain a high level of

"We stepped it up," he said. "As you get older, you have to really listen to
your body."

The results were on full display this week at Baltimore's mandatory minicamp.
Suggs' arms bulged with muscles, and his quickness did not escape the notice of
coach John Harbaugh.

"The guy is in phenomenal shape. He's at another level of
conditioning Dan
Fouts Jersey
," Harbaugh said. "He's on a mission, and I think he's headed
for the Hall of Fame. I want to see that statement made this year, next year and
for as long as he plays."

Former Ravens star Ray Lewis will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of
Fame this summer, and Suggs has a legitimate chance to join him there one

That, however, is not what motivates Suggs to perform at his best.

"One thing I learned from the Hall of Famers on this team is that they never
really chased the Hall of Fame," Suggs said. "There was nothing more important
than what they were doing at the moment. I can't practice every practice or play
every play like, 'Oh, I'm trying to get into the Hall of Fame.' If it happens,
God willing, it will happen. But that's not the No. 1 important thing in my life
right now."

His goal is to get another Super Bowl ring. And, of
course Will
Dissly Jersey
, to have a blast during that pursuit.

"I really couldn't picture myself doing anything else," Suggs said. "You know
what they say: If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life. So
I'm pretty much still having fun as a kid."

Now entering his 11th season, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has never known a
time in Baltimore when Suggs wasn't there.

"I feel like he's 2 years older than me, yet somehow he's been in the league
for 20 years," Flacco said with a grin. "It speaks volumes for what kind of
person he is, what kind of player he is. He's a special player. I've definitely
been lucky to be around a handful of those types of guys, and one of them is
going into the Hall of Fame in a couple of months."

When Lewis approached the end of his career, he formally announced, "This
will be my last ride," as the 2012 season approached its conclusion.

That's not Suggs' style.

"I'll never do that. I don't think I'll ever be able to say that going in,"
he said. "It will probably be one
day Kenny Clark
, I'll wake up ..."

After a slight pause, Suggs added, "I don't think I'll never not love it. I
didn't choose this. I was born, and this is what I am. We'll just take it one
year at a time."

Someone asked Suggs, whose nickname is "T-Sizzle," whether there was ever a
particular offseason in which he pondered retirement.

"Some of them I was coming off significant injuries or a down year, and you
don't want to end it like that," Suggs said. "So when I was hurt, or didn't
perform the way I wanted to, that never crossed my mind. It was, 'Nah, that
wasn't a Sizzle year.' When that day does
come Dan Feeney
, it will end on a Sizzle year."

NOTES: Flacco is the starting quarterback, but former Louisville star Lamar
Jackson, drafted in the first round, took the majority of snaps at practice
Thursday. "Putting the pressure on him to have to run the whole practice,
operate the offense, was valuable. He handled himself pretty well," Harbaugh
said. ... Flacco said he will find a time before training camp to hone the
passing game with his new crop of receivers. "It's going to be a lot of fun. It
will be good for us," Flacco
Tarvarius Moore Jersey

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