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Freitag, 22. September 2017, 14:08

The Laid Back Lounge 8

we all know this is the PS3 forum.A community of people who either own a PS3 or just like chilling in this particular section of gamespot.This PS3 section would be nothing without the lovely dedicated people who post here,giving out educated info on games,the system etc,etc and other useful and sometimes not so useful info.So who are your favorite posters on this forum,specific reasons are welcome.
I just thought that we would do something different.Break up all of the 'What games should I get topics' or the 'What are your favorite game'topicsIf this gets locked I really don't care,I just wanted to see what people thought..I think of you all like a big ol family....Even the trolls,bringing in such failure,yet usually making me laugh in the end.
New!.The new title for this thread is the laid back lounge.You can discuss your Favorite PS3 forum poster,go alittle off-topic and above the rest have a blast chatting it up.

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